Joffres Lakes Provincial Park

Joffres Lakes Provincial Park in British Columbia is an absolute must see!

It’s a winding road and scenic 2.5-3 hour drive down the Sea to Sky Highway past Whistler and north of Pemberton, BC. Once you arrive, you are overwhelmed by the blue of the lake. The lake looks amazing in photos but I promise it is more breathtaking in person.

The Joffres Lakes trail hike consists of 3 stunning turquoise glacier-fed lakes: the Lower, Middle and Upper lakes. There is easy trailhead access and gorgeous views making this a busy trail during the summer. It is also a popular destination in the winter time. Many people like to set up overnight camp at the upper lake.

The entire hike is 10 km long.

Lower Lake

This is the first lake you see once you arrive and you don’t even have to hike for this view!

Middle Lake

This hike to the middle lake is everything you could want in a hike. There is a steady uphill climb with a few challenging sections.

There are three turquoise, glacier-fed lakes, each more spectacular than the last.

Hikers Note: Bring birdseeds as there are Whiskey Jack Birds (Grey Jays) that will leap onto your hands.


Upper Lake

The hike from the middle to upper lake you see creek crossings, a waterfall, and several viewpoints of the surrounding mountain range.

Finally, there’s the scenery at the top, an up close view of the Matier Glacier and a rugged campsite for those wanting to spend the night.

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More Information for Hikers:

Rating: Moderate
Distance: 10 km
Elevation Gain: 400 m
Highest Point: 1,600 m
Time Needed: 4 – 5 hours

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